Our firm participates in many community engagements. Below you will find links to some of the prominent activities the firm is involved in:

Pay It Forward

Starting in 2017, Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg, & Katzenberg P.A. has paired with a local news channel to find individuals who have contributed to our community in exceptional ways. Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg, & Katzenberg P.A. has provided $500.00, every two weeks to such individuals in support of their good works. These exceptional individuals have supported their community's youth, the homeless, the underemployed, and neglected animals. Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg, & Katzenberg P.A. hope that its program can provide the praise these individuals deserve and financial support that can help improve these programs.

Courting Baltimore

Brian Katzenberg, on behalf of the Bar Association of Baltimore City, has been co-chair of the program since its inception.

Courting Art is a program that promotes youth artwork, connects the legal community with local communities of Baltimore City, and aims to reduce stress and anxiety for litigants and visitors by beautifying local courthouses. Starting in 2014, Courting Art is led by the District Court of Maryland and the Bar Association of Baltimore City. The program has provided over $35,000.00 in scholarships, earmarked for post-high school education or training, and approximately fifty pieces of artwork are now on permanent display at the Eastside District Courthouse in Baltimore City.

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