Search And Seizure Laws And Criminal Charges

Specific rules govern what law enforcement officials can and cannot do in the process of gathering evidence in the course of an investigation. When they overstep their authority, it can constitute a violation of your constitutional rights and provide the keys to a successful defense. In many cases, these violations arise due to illegal search and seizure.

No matter what type of criminal charge you may be facing, be sure that you discuss your case with one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys. The attorneys at Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., have been providing effective defense representation to clients throughout Maryland for more than 40 years. We understand search and seizure laws, and we will hold law enforcement officials accountable when they have violated your constitutional rights.

Working To Ensure That Your Rights Are Protected

Many people do not understand their rights in the midst of a criminal investigation, and many are victims of illegal searches without even knowing that their rights have been violated. We conduct a thorough review of all the evidence that the prosecution intends to use against you. If any of the evidence was obtained illegally, we will take immediate action to have it suppressed.

Many illegal search and seizure defenses hinge on the warrant and the affidavit that was used to get the warrant issued. We closely examine the affidavits and warrants to determine the scope of their authority. We also check to see that the proper procedures were followed in the process of issuing the warrant. If there were any errors with the warrant, we will contest the warrant and the fruits of any search that was conducted.

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