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Do not be surprised if your Social Security claim has been denied. Most claims are denied upon first application. This does not mean that you are ineligible and you should give up. At Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., our lawyers understand the complex rules and administrative process. We can help you obtain the Social Security Disability benefits you need even if you have been denied.

We understand and protect your Social Security Disability rights.
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More than 40 years of experience is offered by our denied disability claims and appeals attorneys in Baltimore, Bel Air, Frederick, Essex, Glen Burnie, and Towson. We work hard and travel throughout Maryland to help people like you overcome denials.

The Social Security Appeals Process

After you file your initial application and it is denied, the next step is a request for reconsideration. If that is denied, you have the right to request an appeals hearing in front of an administrative law judge. We have the skill to present a strong case at the administrative law hearing to convince the judge to award you the benefits you need.

How do we build strong cases? Gathering and organizing medical data is essential to a successful claim. Often medical data comes from a number of sources. Careful organization helps the administrative law judge understand your disability evaluation quickly. We make certain that everything from your doctor and other relevant experts is in order so that the judge understands why benefits should be granted.

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