Injured On A Construction Site? We Can Help.

Whether you are helping build a building or repair a road, it is no secret that construction sites can be dangerous. But even with that risk, contractors and laborers do not have to give up their rights to seek proper compensation if they suffer from workplace injuries.

Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., has represented injured construction workers across Maryland for over 40 years. Our trusted attorneys help workers in the construction industry get proper compensation.

Aggressive Representation In All Types Of Construction Accidents

Our law firm handles a full range of construction site injuries, including accidents involving:

If your loved one died in a construction site accident, talk with a Baltimore construction accident attorney about a wrongful death action or death claim.

Workers' Comp And Third-Party Claims

You may be wondering, if as an employee, are your remedies limited to workers' compensation after a construction site accident? It makes sense to talk with an experienced lawyer about the possibility of a lawsuit against parties other than the employer, such as a negligent contractor or the maker of a defective product. This type of "third-party claim" may be possible, even if you believe that you can only obtain compensation from your employer through the workers' compensation system.

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