Death & Dependent Claims

Death Benefits Available in the Workers' Compensation System

What happens when you are financially dependent, either entirely or partially, on someone who dies in an accident at work or of an occupational disease? It's hard enough to lose a family member, and financial stress only adds to the burden.

What are your legal options when this happens when you've suffered this type of loss? Talking with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you clarify your situation, as well as move forward with your emotional healing.

At the Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A. law firm, we have been representing injured people and their families in Maryland for over 40 years in workers' compensation and personal injury cases. We have handled many death and dependent claims and know how to proceed effectively when our client's loved one died of a workplace accident or a disease contracted at work.

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The Maryland Workers' Compensation Act requires employers or their insurers to pay a specified amount of death benefits and funeral expenses to the family of workers covered by the Act. This will require a factual inquiry to determine whether death occurred in the course of employment, and whether the family member is totally or partially dependent. Funeral expenses may also be covered, up to a certain amount (usually $5,000), if the eligibility conditions are met.

Make sure you get treated fairly by the system if your loved one has died. If you believe that the negligence of a third party − such as a contractor or the maker of a defective product − caused your family member's death, our lawyers can evaluate whether a wrongful death lawsuit is in order. Even if a third party claim is not called for, however, we can work with you to pursue a dependent claim under the workers' compensation system.

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