Industrial Accidents

A great many factors can be involved in an industrial accident. Faulty equipment, contractor negligence, ignored safety requirements may all be involved in an industrial accident that causes serious injury or wrongful death. At the Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A. law firm in Baltimore, our attorneys can help you obtain compensation from those responsible.

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Because of our workers' compensation practice, our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with industrial accident injuries. Tell us about your accident, and we can help you determine if there is a third party responsibility to pay you compensation.

  • If another contractor (not your employer) is responsible for an industrial accident, then you may have a third-party claim. Leaving debris on a construction site, backing a truck into workers, or installing dangerous temporary wiring can cause an industrial accident with serious injuries. When a subcontractor fails to install protective barriers or when a scaffold fails, a falling accident can cause catastrophic injury or wrongful death.
  • Was your industrial accident caused by a defective product? You may have a claim against the product's manufacturer. A defective forklift, a saw without safety guards, or defective scaffolds can cause serious injury.
  • If you were injured in a workplace or factory accident, make sure you know your workers' compensation rights. Our attorneys have handled tens of thousands of workers' compensation cases. Contact us if you have questions or need help in filing a claim.
  • Can you collect workers' compensation as well as a third-party claim? Those are separate claims, and both types of claims can be handled by the attorneys at the Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A. law firm. Collecting a third-party claim will not affect your rights to workers' compensation benefits.

You do not have to go into a courtroom or face an insurance company or an employer alone. At the Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A. law firm, the lawyers are on your side. Protect your rights. Call for a free initial consultation at any of our office locations.