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Often in workers' compensation cases, an insurer will deny benefits to an injured worker. The injured worker does not have to accept the insurer's unilateral decision to reject the worker's claim. The injured worker has a right to a hearing before the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission, which requires the worker to file a claim with the state and to request a hearing. A hearing date will be set for a trial before an independent commissioner, who will receive evidence from both parties and decide the outstanding issues of the case at that time either in favor of the injured worker or the employer and insurer.

In every workers' compensation case, parties on both sides have 30 days to appeal the outcome to the Circuit Court in the appropriate jurisdiction. Whether your claim for benefits was denied or your employer is disputing an award of benefits that was made to you, having a qualified attorney can ensure that your access to workers' comp benefits remains intact.

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If you have been notified of the denial of your claim or your employer's intent to dispute the award of benefits in your claim, it is important that you act quickly to protect your rights. The attorneys at Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., have represented countless clients in a broad range of Maryland workers' comp appeals and hearings.

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The process involved with appealing a denial or defending against a dispute by your employer can be extremely complex and frequently overwhelming for people who are not familiar with it. When you hire our law firm, we take the time to fully prepare you for any hearings and explain what you can expect as the case moves forward. We will be there beside you at every step, constantly working to obtain the most favorable possible outcome on your behalf.

Understanding Your Rights In An Employer Dispute Of Awarded Benefits

Many workplace injury victims who face employer disputes wrongly assume that they have no further say in the matter. If you are awarded benefits and your employer disputes the decision, the employer is only working to protect its own interests. You should do the same. Even if your employer's challenge is successful, you are not obligated to repay any of the benefit money you had already received.

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