Aggressive Advocates For Injured Correctional Officers

You were nearing the end of your shift as a correctional officer when an inmate attacked you. In an instant, you are left with lasting injuries that require ongoing medical treatment. Who will pay your medical expenses when you are unable to work?

Our Fight To Expand Work Compensation Benefits For Correctional Officers

Before October 2018, correctional officers were deemed ineligible to obtain the same benefits as public safety officers, even though they all face the same risk of injury. However, a new law changed everything. At Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., our attorneys are proud to have been the leading advocates for reform to laws regarding benefits for correctional officers.

What Types Of Benefits May I Be Entitled To Receive?

Before the new law, Maryland correctional officers were limited in the amount of compensation they could obtain. With the change, correctional officers can receive the same benefits as public safety officers. This expands the amount and duration of permanent partial disability benefits.

As a correctional officer, you may be entitled to receive other benefits such as:

  • Wage-loss benefits
  • Taking care of medical expenses
  • Temporary partial disability benefits
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Relief from pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Why Should I Hire A Lawyer To Handle My Claim?

We have witnessed what happens when claimants try to manage their claim alone. In many instances, insurers offer measly settlements and try to withhold benefits that injured workers are entitled to receive. As our client, we will not let that happen to you.

We know how to navigate through the workers' compensation system and the deadlines that must be met. Without a lawyer, you may miss these deadlines and overlook benefits and limitations to your claim. We will negotiate with insurers to fight for what you are entitled to receive.

Contact Our Go-To Workers' Compensation Lawyers For Correctional Officers

Not all attorneys have experience representing correctional officers. However, our lawyers have represented countless clients and obtained successful judgments, verdicts and settlements in these types of cases.

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