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Is Maryland's cellphone driving ban working?

Like a lot of states, Maryland has a ban on handheld cellphone use while driving as a means to cut down on the number of cellphone-related car accidents. Enacted in October 2010, the law isn't quite as stiff as neighboring Delaware's. (For example, a Delaware motorist can be pulled over for that offense alone. In Maryland it can only be enforced if a driver is pulled over for another offense.) The penalties are also slightly lower in Maryland.

Maryland man hurt at casino files personal injury lawsuit

Gambling is a popular pastime for many in the Old Line State, whether it's at a casino or the racetrack. People who come to play the slot machines or put their money down on a favorite horse know there are no guarantees, and that they could risk losing everything with a roll of the dice or a pull of the slot machine arm. But they do it anyway, because they love the rush they get when they win.

Study: Disability filings increase as unemployment benefits end

With the ailing economy, many have found that they are unable to find a job by the time their unemployment benefits run out, even with the government extensions that have been put in place. Especially among older populations, good jobs that pay well are hard to come by. This has led many to turn to Social Security Disability benefits to help them stay afloat. These benefits provide a monthly cash benefit as well as access to state-funded insurance.

Man charged in Maryland car accident that injured baby

Call it a simple fact of modern life: car accidents happen. You've probably heard people talk about all the supposedly dangerous activities that, from a statistical point of view, are safer than traveling in a car: There are more car accidents than plane crashes. You're more likely to be injured in an auto collision than while bungee-jumping. This may be true, but these facts don't make the pain of a car accident any easier to take, especially when the traffic crash involves circumstances you can't control, such as the other driver's behavior.

Maryland heart surgeon accused of unnecessary stent surgery

You don't have to be a doctor to be familiar with one of the main tenets of the Hippocratic Oath: Do no harm. That's one of the central issues of new medical malpractice lawsuits lodged against a handful of Baltimore County surgeons accused of performing unnecessary heart surgery on some patients.

Family of boy killed by falling tree files wrongful death suit

When parents send their children to camp, on school trips or any other organized youth outings where adults are in charge, they have a reasonable expectation that the children will be kept safe from harm. If a child is injured or killed while on the outing, its organizers may be held responsible. But to what degree?

Car seats protect overweight children, too, study finds

As any parent can attest, kids come in all sizes. Some are small for their age, and others are, yes, overweight. No matter what size they are, they deserve to be protected from harm, and parents expect that from products designed for safety. That includes child car seats.

Driving student learns what not to do in Maryland 3-car accident

When you first get behind the wheel as a teenager, the experience can be both exciting and nerve-racking. You feel as though you're officially not a kid anymore and are excited about the freedom you'll gain once you finally obtain your driver's license. There can also be a sense of fear as you realize you're in control of a machine that weighs thousands of pounds and has the capacity to cause damage to structures and people.

Alleged drunk driver causes accident with school bus

Maryland authorities believe that a recent school bus accident that sent more than a dozen students to the hospital was caused by a drunk driver. Students from the Great Mills High School girls basketball team were returning home from a game when a chain of events caused the bus to careen off the highway, hitting trees before coming to a stop in the woods.

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