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August 2012 Archives

Doctors' high risk of job burnout could lead to medical errors

Close to half of all doctors in the U.S. report experiencing at least some symptoms of job burnout. While all of us feel a little burned out at work sometimes, the burnout rate for doctors in Maryland and elsewhere appears to be higher than for other segments of the working population. And fatigue and other problems can diminish the quality of care doctors provide to patients and result in errors and medical malpractice.

Maryland man killed in truck accident with tractor-trailer

As we've previously discussed in this blog, truck accidents have the potential to be extremely dangerous. The force of an 18-wheeler can do significant damage to a smaller vehicle, and the time and distance it takes for a fully loaded truck to effectively slow down or stop may not be enough to avoid a collision. As a result, truck accidents are often fatal for drivers and passengers of any cars involved.

Maryland lawmaker admits to drinking before boating accident

We often discuss the tragic car accidents that drunk driving can lead to, but plenty of crashes are also caused by operating a boat while intoxicated. In many ways, boating under the influence is even more dangerous because controlling a motorized vessel after drinking can be more difficult than driving a car, and many boaters overestimate their ability to see other watercraft and steer away from them in time.

Fight for workers' compensation can lead to more problems

If you've suffered an injury at work, you know how frustrating it can be when the resulting pain or disability prevents you from doing your job. It might also frustrate your employer, leading you to wonder what will happen if you can't return to work soon. Meanwhile, medical bills can pile up, which only adds to the stress.

Bayer shores up legal funds as more harmed by contraceptives

As many Marylanders know from either personal experience or the countless advertisements for pharmaceuticals on television, many of the drugs we take every day carry a risk of side effects. Some of these are fairly harmless, such as dry mouth or marginal weight gain. We put up with them, either because a health condition requires that we take the drug or its benefits outweigh the side effects.

Unhitched trailer seriously injures Maryland motorcyclist

Motorists have more responsibility than just driving safely. They must also make sure their vehicles are in safe, stable working order and that any cargo they're carrying is properly secured. Drivers of cars or trucks hauling trailers or other attached equipment should ensure that their loads won't break loose and that contents won't escape and cause harm to others on the road. After all, an object that seems to be sufficiently fastened when the vehicle is stopped can be unpredictable at high speeds.

Head-on collision in Maryland results in injuries to 9 people

One of the most valuable lessons we can teach young drivers is that our actions have far-reaching consequences on the road. Being a safe driver does more than protect ourselves and our passengers; it prevents countless others from being affected by a potential car accident.

Drug-coated stents: warning for Maryland patients

The iconic Dr. Welby style of medical practice is a very nice concept. It's also more Hollywood make-believe than reality. As much as we like to think of medicine as some amazing mix of art and science, the fact is that it is a business. It runs on the fuel of the dollar and its practitioners face the same pressures all Marylanders do, to work smarter; not harder. That means find a system and work it.

Driver in B-W Pkwy truck accident tear that injured 3, in prison

The many windy roads around Maryland and major thoroughfares between Baltimore and the other major cities in the region mean a heightened risk of truck traffic and truck accidents. While most of the haulers on the highways are responsible drivers, accidents do happen. And when trucks are involved, damage can be severe; spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries or wrongful death.

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