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July 2018 Archives

Maryland replacing controversial guardrail end caps

Every time you drive your car, you’re taking advantage of interlocking safety systems -- traffic signals, reflectors, lane dividers, highway rumble strips. Each of these protects you in a specific way and makes our roads safer. Unfortunately, sometimes these safety features don’t work as expected, and in rare cases they can actually make the roads more dangerous, not less. This appears to be the case with the controversial Lindsay X-LITE guardrails, which Maryland is now taking steps to remove from the state’s highways.

68 percent in survey doubt danger from texting while driving

At our law firm, we advocate for the injured victims of car accidents caused by the negligence and recklessness of others, including those who have caused crashes because they were texting behind the wheel. Maryland law forbids the use of handheld phones while driving, including reading, sending or writing emails or text messages. 

Emergency vehicle on the highway? You need to move over.

We’ve all been there, cruising along the highway when suddenly you notice an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing on the side of the road. Most people are courteous enough to slow down and pay attention to what’s happening, but what you may not know is that you’re legally obligated to move aside if you can. Maryland police officers recently partnered with their colleagues in Virginia to call attention to Maryland’s so-called “Move Over Law” and what it means for drivers.

The dangers of street racing

Motorcyclists love different bikes for different reasons. Some like the sound and power of a Harley chopper, some prefer the stability and comfort of a touring bike, and still others like the speed of a high-powered sports bike. While most motorcyclists ride responsibly, a number of sports bikes in Maryland are flying down the Intercounty Connector (ICC) toll road at blistering speeds. To combat this, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) has just announced new measures designed to keep all drivers safe on this stretch of highway.

Workplace injuries: Should I get a second opinion?

Getting medical treatment is one of the most important things you can do after a workplace injury. However, many employers require that you see their hand-picked physician to determine the extent of your injuries, and you may worry that this person won’t be impartial. This is a valid concern. Even though workers' compensation claims don’t imply fault on the part of the employer, the insurers who pay out workers’ comp claims are always trying to save money. If you feel that this has negatively impacted your medical evaluation, you have a few options.

Maryland court affirms estoppel allows late work comp claim

The Court of Special Appeals of Maryland released an unpublished opinion illustrating “estoppel” in the context of a late workers’ compensation claim. Estoppel provides relief when someone is legally harmed by reasonably relying on another person’s behavior or statements.   

Outdoor worksites in summer bring increased need for safety

Across Maryland, commercial activity outside spikes during summertime, of course. Some kinds of work require warm weather. So, we are seeing an increase in construction sites, road repair, recreational and tourism activity, agricultural work, lawn care and landscaping, and similar trades. 

Red light cameras may increase rear-end collisions

Red light cameras (RLCs) have popped up all over the country, including Maryland. No longer do police officers have to sit at intersections and wait for people to blaze through -- a camera mounted at the intersection does all the work, monitoring traffic 24 hours a day, taking pictures of violators and passing them along to the ticketing department, who mail out the violations. Cities argue that they make intersections safer and more efficient, not to mention profitable. However, a recent study by the Maryland Department of Transportation complicates this picture, suggesting that in some cases red light cameras can actually lead to an increase in rear-end collisions.

Road cycling and the Race Across America

One of the hardest races on earth just finished in Maryland. The Race Across America is a bicycle race that starts in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis 12 days later. This grueling journey pushes cyclists to the very limits of their endurance, requiring that they ride for 20 hours a day -- or more -- as they cover 3,100 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Most of these miles are spent on rural highways, where motorists often aren’t expecting to see them. While most people won’t replicate their amazing feat, cyclists who frequent rural areas would do well to follow the same safety guidelines.

Workplace injuries can be life-changing

In labor intensive jobs it can feel like injuries are a part of life. While heavy equipment and manual labor are more suited to injury than stationary work, the fact is that many injuries are avoidable with the right training and equipment, regardless what type of work you do. It’s an employer’s job to make your workplace as safe as it can be, in all fields of employment.

4 driving tips for the 4th of July

The most dangerous day of the year to be on the road in Maryland isn't New Year's -- it's the Fourth of July. There are several reasons for this, including the prevalence of alcohol and the fact that many people are driving at night after fireworks. Compounding this danger is the fact that a record number of Marylanders are expected to travel this year -- nearly one million people, most of whom will be driving. That's an incredible burden on the roads and a unique safety risk. Following these simple tips will keep you and your family safe on this driving-intensive holiday.

Baltimore County crash kills two

Even non-fatal car accidents can turn deadly, as in the case of two Marylanders whose car crashed near Ruxton Road on June 24. Despite surviving the initial crash, they lost their lives when another car hit them and their disabled vehicle, killing them both. The Baltimore Sun reports that the police are still considering charges against the other driver, pending the outcome of their investigation.

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