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Many employers don't understand Workers' Comp rules

When you agree to employment with a company, you do so under the understanding that they know what benefits you'll be receiving, both through their own company and through state and federal law. A fundamental benefit of employment is the Workers' Compensation insurance program, in which injured workers receive compensation for medical bills, time away from work and other recovery or rehabilitation-related coverage. It's a well-known program, yet a recent study shows that many employers do not know coverage rules.

A program for workers of all trades

As of 2014, nearly 130 million American workers received Workers' Compensation coverage. Injuries happen every day in every line of work, from labor-intensive jobs like construction and roofing to repetitive motion injuries in offices and production lines. Examples range from direct work accidents like a machinery malfunction, to a car accident while at work or slipping on the sidewalk or staircase.

A work-related injury should not cost your job or your quality of life. Injuries and accidents happen, but workers deserve the time to heal so you can return to work without worry of being replaced or punished for the incident. It's a no-fault program, meaning it doesn't matter if an injury happened by accident or negligence. Workers simply need time to heal.

Rules and eligibility may vary

It's important that you have that time without suffering the financial impact of medical bills related to your job duties. While Workers' Comp is a well-known program, it varies from state to state and specific rules may be different depending on the size of your company. In the modern world, remote employees may work in a different state than their employer and there is ongoing debate about worker classification in the gig economy.

The study referenced earlier shows that many employers aren't keeping up with what they need to know. If injured at work, this is information you need to know. It's important to your health and your career to receive the benefits you deserve.

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