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Red light cameras may increase rear-end collisions

Red light cameras (RLCs) have popped up all over the country, including Maryland. No longer do police officers have to sit at intersections and wait for people to blaze through -- a camera mounted at the intersection does all the work, monitoring traffic 24 hours a day, taking pictures of violators and passing them along to the ticketing department, who mail out the violations. Cities argue that they make intersections safer and more efficient, not to mention profitable. However, a recent study by the Maryland Department of Transportation complicates this picture, suggesting that in some cases red light cameras can actually lead to an increase in rear-end collisions.

Road cycling and the Race Across America

One of the hardest races on earth just finished in Maryland. The Race Across America is a bicycle race that starts in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis 12 days later. This grueling journey pushes cyclists to the very limits of their endurance, requiring that they ride for 20 hours a day -- or more -- as they cover 3,100 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Most of these miles are spent on rural highways, where motorists often aren’t expecting to see them. While most people won’t replicate their amazing feat, cyclists who frequent rural areas would do well to follow the same safety guidelines.

4 driving tips for the 4th of July

The most dangerous day of the year to be on the road in Maryland isn't New Year's -- it's the Fourth of July. There are several reasons for this, including the prevalence of alcohol and the fact that many people are driving at night after fireworks. Compounding this danger is the fact that a record number of Marylanders are expected to travel this year -- nearly one million people, most of whom will be driving. That's an incredible burden on the roads and a unique safety risk. Following these simple tips will keep you and your family safe on this driving-intensive holiday.

Baltimore County crash kills two

Even non-fatal car accidents can turn deadly, as in the case of two Marylanders whose car crashed near Ruxton Road on June 24. Despite surviving the initial crash, they lost their lives when another car hit them and their disabled vehicle, killing them both. The Baltimore Sun reports that the police are still considering charges against the other driver, pending the outcome of their investigation.

Summer brings safety risks to Maryland pedestrians and bikers

Memorial Day has come and gone and summer has officially arrived in Maryland. We are all itching to get out of doors and take advantage of the season. Naturally, our sidewalks and public areas are teeming with people of all ages and abilities out there walking, running, playing and biking, whether using training wheels, three-wheeled bikes, regular bicycles or racers. Also out and about are more wheelchairs and strollers as well as users of walkers and canes. 

How a Maryland injury lawyer can help motorcycle-crash victims

At our law firm, we represent motorcyclists who have been injured in accidents involving bigger, heavier, closed vehicles like cars, SUVs, vans, pickups, buses and commercial trucks. We also fight for compensation for the surviving loved ones of motorcycle drivers and riders killed on the road because of the negligence or recklessness of other drivers or parties. 

Pilot program sends recall info to Maryland vehicle owners

Beginning last month, Maryland vehicle owners and lessees started receiving specific information about open recalls on their vehicles as part of mailed and emailed annual vehicle registration renewal notices. While having the free repair that is the subject of a recall completed is not required to renew the vehicle registration, it is a smart safety step for a vehicle owner to take.

Maryland road construction about to begin: Be careful out there

At our law firm, we represent people injured in highway work zones across Maryland, whether drivers, passengers or construction workers. A driver who ignores posted speed restrictions or otherwise drives negligently or recklessly in a work zone and causes injury or death in a collision will be liable in a personal injury lawsuit for resulting damages. 

Common causes of motor vehicle accidents in Baltimore, Maryland

With a metropolitan area of about 2.8 million inhabitants — we all know that roadway accidents involving cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles are going to happen in greater Baltimore. Some of these collisions are really accidental and others just fender benders, but when someone negligently or recklessly causes a crash that leaves another driver or a passenger, cyclist or pedestrian with serious injury or even results in death, the at-fault driver is liable in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit for the victim’s injuries and losses. 

Maryland pedestrian accidents involving motor vehicles

At our law firm, we represent injured people who were negligently or recklessly struck by vehicles while walking, running or standing as pedestrians on Maryland roads. We conduct a comprehensive investigation of these complex cases to uncover all potentially responsible parties, including drivers as well as those responsible for dangerous road or intersection design or maintenance. 

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