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Will anti-lock brakes prevent Maryland motorcycle accidents?

If the National Transportation Safety Board has their way, all motorcycles in Maryland and across America will come with some heretofore unseen accessories: anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. The NTSB recently held a vote on the topic, and the results were unanimous, with all present board members voting in favor of the proposal.

Can morgue and ICU visits scare teen drivers straight?

Drivers’ education programs that include Reality Education for Drivers (RED), and that show real-world consequences of risky driving behaviors like texting, talking on the phone, speeding and more, may be more effective to teach teen drivers about the road than traditional public service announcements and education programs. A small-scale study at Texas’ Baylor University preliminarily found that teens who toured morgues, hospital wards and emergency rooms to see the real-life impact of motor vehicle crashes had a better understanding of the potential cost of risky driving behaviors.

Dangerous driving in Maryland work zones continues

According to The Washington Post, we currently have 15 active work zones on Maryland highways. Back in April as construction season approached, we wrote to warn of the dangers to road-construction workers, passengers and drivers from motor-vehicle accidents in work zones

Research data identifies unsafe trucker attributes

At our law firm, we represent people injured — or whose loved ones have died — in motor vehicle accidents involving large commercial trucks. Obviously, the size and weight of a semi-truck pose grave danger to smaller vehicles on the road in any kind of impact crash.

Vehicle automation coming to motorcycles

Self-driving cars have gotten a lot of press in recent years, having logged almost 10 million miles on the road between the main companies developing them. Semi-autonomous vehicles already on the market have logged even more miles, with sensors and cameras assisting drivers with following distance, cruise control and other aspects of the road. For a long time, the only vehicle on the road without any kind of automation whatsoever was the motorcycle. That's about to change.

Is bike sharing safer than regular riding?

If you’ve been to downtown Baltimore, you’ve probably seen bike sharing programs in action: a business person zipping off for a quick lunch, tourists taking in the sights. Annapolis is introducing a bike-sharing pilot program this month. In fact, bicyclists have taken more than 50 million rides on these bike-sharing bikes around the country. Here’s an interesting question about bike shares: How many fatalities do you think there have been?

Maryland replacing controversial guardrail end caps

Every time you drive your car, you’re taking advantage of interlocking safety systems -- traffic signals, reflectors, lane dividers, highway rumble strips. Each of these protects you in a specific way and makes our roads safer. Unfortunately, sometimes these safety features don’t work as expected, and in rare cases they can actually make the roads more dangerous, not less. This appears to be the case with the controversial Lindsay X-LITE guardrails, which Maryland is now taking steps to remove from the state’s highways.

68 percent in survey doubt danger from texting while driving

At our law firm, we advocate for the injured victims of car accidents caused by the negligence and recklessness of others, including those who have caused crashes because they were texting behind the wheel. Maryland law forbids the use of handheld phones while driving, including reading, sending or writing emails or text messages. 

Emergency vehicle on the highway? You need to move over.

We’ve all been there, cruising along the highway when suddenly you notice an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing on the side of the road. Most people are courteous enough to slow down and pay attention to what’s happening, but what you may not know is that you’re legally obligated to move aside if you can. Maryland police officers recently partnered with their colleagues in Virginia to call attention to Maryland’s so-called “Move Over Law” and what it means for drivers.

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