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May 2012 Archives

Drugs may have played role in fatal Maryland car accident

Most of us are aware of the dangers and prevalence of drunk driving. The practice causes countless car accidents in Maryland every year, even though the laws are very clear about the penalties drivers face if they're convicted of DUI. We tend to hear less about drivers under the influence of drugs, but they're out there, and unfortunately, they cause plenty of crashes, too.

Teen's cellphone distraction killed jogger, police say

Many 16-year-olds are looking forward to a school-free summer, family vacations and hanging out with friends. However, none of those carefree, seasonal activities are available to a teenager recently charged with negligent homicide after a fatal car accident in a nearby state. Police say the young female driver killed a man because she was distracted by a cellphone.

OSHA reminds workers of ways to stay safe in hot conditions

With summer just around the corner, those who work outdoors may already be looking for ways to stay cool when the sun beats down and the temperatures skyrocket. Even if you're accustomed to working in extreme conditions, it's important to take precautions to avoid heat exhaustion and other weather-related illnesses that could require a workers' compensation claim.

Settlement OK'd for 3 killed in Baltimore fire truck collision

The family members of three people killed in a Baltimore fire truck accident will split a $40,000 settlement approved by the city's spending board. The figure is the highest amount allowable for motor tort claims involving police and firefighters responding to emergencies.

Maryland teens killed in car accident on way home from prom

Late spring is an exciting time of year, especially for those who are still in school. Kids of all ages begin counting down the days left in the year before summer vacation, graduation preparation is well under way, and many high school students spend every penny they have on getting ready for the prom.

Report: Drivers who don't use turn signals pose danger on roads

A new study suggests that drivers are repeatedly breaking a traffic law that leads to 2 million car accidents a year. Traffic police tend to overlook it and drivers forget or ignore it. But a new engineering study says the "epidemic" failure to use turn signals is a major American road problem.

Maryland awarded $1.8 million in drug marketing settlement

If you or a loved one suffers from an incurable disease or disorder, you're probably eager to try any new treatments or drugs to curb its effects. Many people wait years for a solution that's been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat their condition. So when it was announced that a drug once recommended for the elderly and children turned out to be illegally marketed and possibly unsafe, there was considerable uproar, both from patients and the medical community.

Maryland court makes injury claims easier after pit bull attacks

A recent ruling by a state appeals court has dog bite victims celebrating and pit bull owners and others growling. The Maryland Court of Appeals decision declares pit bulls an "inherently dangerous" breed and says that owners of pit bulls or pit bull mixes are liable for damages in cases of dog bites or attacks. That liability also extends to landlords who rent to pit bull owners. It means, essentially, that victims seeking to file a personal injury suit will have an easier time proving their cases.

Maryland car theft suspect claims police caused fatal wreck

A man accused of stealing a car in Montgomery County, Maryland, is suing the police department that arrested him. The 18-year-old man says the fiery wreck that claimed the lives of three other people in the car was caused when a police cruiser rammed into the stolen vehicle, setting it ablaze. Although he may not evoke much sympathy as a crime suspect, his role in that case shouldn't come into play if in fact the police caused a fatal car accident.

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