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Maryland Workers’ Compensation: Carpal tunnel syndrome

Many jobs require repetitive motions that continuously or frequently use the same parts of the body to perform the same task. Over time, the affected joint, nerves, ligaments, muscles, tendons and other body parts can wear out or become injured, either permanently or temporarily. These injuries are called repetitive motion injuries or repetitive stress injuries, and one of the most common RMI is carpal tunnel syndrome, called CTS. 

When CTS is caused by work activities, Workers’ Compensation should cover associated medical bills, lost wages and retraining, if necessary. If there is permanent disability that prevents work, permanent disability benefits would be appropriate. Employers can lessen the risk of CTS by consulting ergonomics specialist to help in the proper design of workstations. 

More about third-party suits by injured workers

As we have discussed previously, under almost all circumstances, Workers’ Compensation is the only legal remedy available to an injured worker against his or her employer. Earlier this month, we wrote about the availability of third-party claims when a person or company other than the employer contributed to the injury or death of a worker. 

The injured worker may file a viable lawsuit against a third party in addition to a valid Workers’ Compensation claim. Any recovery in the third-party suit would be over and above Workers’ Compensation benefits received. 

Are there exceptions to the exclusivity of Workers’ Compensation?

Every state, including Maryland, has established a system of Workers’ Compensation that provides benefits like medical bill coverage and wage replacement to employees with work-related injuries or occupational illnesses. Employers carry insurance or become self-insured to pay these claims to employees when appropriate. 

Whether the employer or the employee was at fault for an injury is not relevant in Workers’ Compensation. The benefit is available regardless.

Risk of serious injury in Maryland’s poultry industry

At our law firm, we represent injured workers throughout the state of Maryland in their claims for Workers’ Compensation benefits. We recently published a blog about the industries with the most fatalities and, not surprisingly, farmers and agricultural workers made the top 10 list. 

Chicken farming 

Maryland Workers’ Compensation: Pre-existing conditions

Under our Workers’ Compensation laws, an employee who gets a work-related injury or illness is normally eligible for benefits. What happens if the injury or disease aggravates a pre-existing injury? 

Generally, if the work injury or occupational illness exacerbates an earlier medical impairment, the worker is still eligible for full medical, temporary disability and vocational benefits as if the previous condition had not existed. The exception is for permanent disability benefits or death benefits, in which case the disability or death payment amount may be adjusted to reflect the proportion of impairment attributable to the second injury. 

The danger of sharing the road with fatigued port truck drivers

According to the state of Maryland, more than 10 million tons of cargo passed through the Port of Baltimore, a record for the most tonnage through a public terminal in one year. Where there are docked ships that carry freight and cargo, there are semi trucks ready to drop it off or pick it up. 

Unfortunately, port truckers may experience severe fatigue that can make them at higher risk of catastrophic accidents with smaller vehicles. 

In which jobs do the most deaths occur?

At our law firm, we help the surviving loved ones of people who have passed away in the course of employment in death and dependent claims under Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation system. At a time of great grief and personal loss, the state Workers’ Compensation law provides for monetary support to help the survivors who had relied on the deceased worker for financial support. 

Of course, certain professions are statistically and logically more dangerous than others and workers in those trades more at risk of death on the job. USA Today published a new article by 24/7 Wall Street that summarizes their review of federal statistics about work fatalities. 

Maryland to allow some car insurance stacking beginning July 1

A new stacking law in Maryland will benefit some victims of motor vehicle accidents by increasing the amount of money available from insurance proceeds to cover damages like medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering caused by at-fault drivers. Specifically, the law will allow the victim to recover up to the full amount of his or her own underinsured motorist coverage — often called UIM — in addition to damages equal to the other driver’s policy limit. 

Enhanced underinsured motorist coverage 

Federal proposal to toughen semi-truck underride protections

At our law firm, we fight for recovery of damages for the injured victims of dangerous collisions with large commercial trucks across Maryland. We also represent the surviving loved ones of victims who have died in these incidents. 

Underride accidents 

Workers’ compensation covers many Maryland domestic workers

Many Maryland households hire people to work in their homes like babysitters, nannies, cooks, housekeepers, house cleaners and other household workers. These employers may not know that many domestic workers are covered by state workers’ compensation law — and many domestic workers themselves may not know that they have the right to workers’ compensation benefits for injuries that arise out of and in the course of their employment, regardless of who is at fault for the harm. 

These benefits may include payment of medical bills and for lost wages.

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