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Baltimore area enhancing pedestrian safety

As the weather gets warmer, more cars hit the road as people plan vacations and road trips. However, the nice weather also leads more people to take advantage of the sunshine and go for a walk or run along Baltimore streets. 

But pedestrians should be aware of the dangers they face on Maryland roads before they leave the house this summer.

The danger of the waste industry is only increasing

Refuse and recyclable material collectors work in the fifth most dangerous job in the United States. According to USA Today, there is an average of 30 fatal injuries and more than 1,000 nonfatal injuries each year in the waste industry.

Waste collectors may understand the risks they could face, but three workplace industrial accidents in June only called more attention to just how dangerous this industry can be. 

Work injuries: What to know as your teen starts their summer job

Whether they are still in high school or back home from college, many Maryland teenagers and young adults search for summer jobs to make a little extra cash and gain essential work experience. 

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that younger workers face significantly high risks for injuries on the job. While it is true that most employees, regardless of their age, often qualify for workers' compensation, parents and young workers alike can take action to prevent workplace injuries.  

Compensation is critical: How much could an accident cost you?

The aftermath of an accident can leave individuals facing severe and even life-changing injuries. And recovering from those injuries can be painful and detrimental to one's mental health as well.

However, the hope of recovery after the accident can suddenly feel sour after all of the bills start to arrive. The financial cost of an accident can hurt an individual and their family almost as much as their injuries do. If the individual was not at fault for an accident, they might have a right to recover compensation to cover these expenses.

What recent crane accidents mean for construction workers

Several construction accidents involving cranes across the country have rattled the nation and filled national news stories for a few weeks now. Although none of these accidents have occurred in Maryland, these most recent stories are raising concerns for all construction workers in the U.S. as well as here in our state.

Teachers might face more risks of injury than they think

Teachers are not included in the lists of the professions that face the highest risk of workplace injuries. Many consider schools to be “low-risk” workplaces. After all, working with children in the classroom should not involve significant hazards.

However, that low risk is much higher than many might believe, and it only keeps increasing every year.

Would self-driving cars really decrease the chance of accidents?

Although a few cities in the United States are testing self-driving cars, these cars will not be on the public market in the near future. That considered, many manufacturers, like Tesla, have added autonomous features to their cars. Such features have added both excitement and doubts to the prospect of completely self-driving vehicles. 

One of the main points of debate about self-driving cars regards how they could significantly reduce the chance of an accident, and therefore traffic injuries and fatalities as well. However, the safety of self-driving technology has come under fire once again with the death of another Tesla driver just last month.

How the environment of your workplace can help prevent an injury

Long-term injuries that compound over time are silent threats to many Maryland workers. Even though jobs like construction work often involve a higher risk of injury, desk jobs and assembly line work often lead to long-term work injuries as well.

However, there are many adjustments that employers could make to the work environment to help prevent these injuries and protect their workers.

Preventing accidents: What can you do if you feel unsafe at work?

In a recent post, we discussed how two large Maryland companies were not up to par in creating safe workplaces for their employees. That post also briefly discussed the increasing number of employees who suffer from workplace violence each year.

These are only a few of the variables that can add up to a serious workplace accident. And since many accidents are preventable, some employees might feel unsafe at work long before an accident even occurs.

Two Maryland companies putting employees at risk of violence?

Every year, the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) publishes a list of the top twelve companies around the country that fail to safeguard their employees from workplace injuries or accidents. This list is commonly called "the dirty dozen." 

And this year, two Maryland based companies appeared on the list. 

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