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Maryland testing out technology to stop drunk driving accidents

In 2018, Maryland ranked 33rd in the nation for drunk driving deaths. Out of 50 states, this was a reasonably good ranking. However, drunk driving is still a fatal epidemic across the state. And any injuries or deaths resulting from drunk driving accidents are preventable.

Over the years, advocacy groups and lawmakers alike have tried to put a stop to drunk driving by increasing law enforcement and penalties,. But is it possible that technology is the answer?

Motorcycle safety: It should always be a priority

Summer might be coming to an end, but there are still plenty of motorcycles hitting Maryland roads. And many motorcyclists will continue riding the open roads until the first snowfall.

However, regardless of the time of year, Maryland drivers and motorcyclists alike should always strive to share the road and reduce the chances of catastrophic motorcycle accidents.

Tips for employees returning to work after an injury

Workers' compensation benefits can afford Maryland employees the time they need to heal after a severe work injury. Since the benefits often cover medical bills and lost wages, they can reduce an employee's worries as they recover.

However, what happens when it is time for the employee to return to work after recovering from a work injury?

The danger of the night shift

Around 15 million workers across the country clock-in to work when many other people are falling asleep. Working the night shift is a reality for many employees, from police officers to nurses, and factory workers to retail stock workers. 

But new research indicates that working the night shift can lead employees to face heightened risks of workplace accidents.

How to keep your child safer in the car

At some level, most adult drivers and passengers understand that there is a risk of an accident every time they get into the car. But what about young children? They might not understand that risk, so it is up to their parents or guardians to ensure that they are safe inside their vehicle.

Here are some tips parents can review to help improve their child’s safety:

Could wearable technology make construction sites safer?

Construction sites are notoriously some of the most dangerous places to work. This is not news to construction workers. They understand the risk they face every day.

However, new technologies could help reduce that risk significantly. And it is protective technology that construction workers can wear, just like any other safety gear they would already wear to prevent an accident or injury on site.

Overexertion is still one of the top causes of workplace injuries

Why is it so difficult to take a break from work? Maybe employers hold their employees to high standards and urge them to meet specific productivity goals. Or, employees are passionate about their career and devote a considerable amount of time to their work.

While neither of these things is inherently negative, they can cause many problems for workers.

Women face a higher risk of serious injuries in car crashes

There has long been a debate regarding which gender drives the safest. Different studies claim different answers to that question. However, regardless of that answer, it seems that there is a difference in which gender is safer in the event of a car crash.

Popular Prime Day: A risk to workers' health

Amazon's Prime Day is popular for many online shoppers. There are great sales and one-day delivery for all who take advantage of the event. 

However, Prime Day is not as positive for many of Amazon's employees. Many of the industrial workers claim that Amazon's goals for Prime Day lead them to put their work over their health and safety. And this can lead to serious workplace accidents.

Watch what you post on social media after a work injury

Nearly everyone has at least one social media account nowadays, regardless of their age. They post about their lives, so friends and family can receive updates in real-time. Opinions about social media vary significantly, but there is one issue that remains the same across the board: Individuals must be careful what they post. 

That warning is even more important for employees after they suffer a work injury and have an open workers' compensation claim.

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