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Healthcare workers: Prioritize mental health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Movements like this have been instrumental in decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health issues and mental illnesses over the years.

And yet, mental health is often overlooked because these conditions are often invisible. They may not be taken as seriously as physical injuries, but workers in the healthcare field should ensure they pay careful attention to their mental health, so they can avoid an even more serious condition or injury - specifically post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Working from home? Here are some tips.

In light of Maryland's stay-at-home orders, several workers have transitioned to working from home, including teachers and office workers.

Even though one's home is familiar, the risk of an injury still exists, and workers must be careful.

Statutory Presumptions needed to protect workers

Workers' compensation benefits provide injured workers and their families with critical support while they recover from a work-related injury.

However, the process of obtaining workers' compensation benefits can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, several statutory presumptions can make this process easier for certain workers to collect the benefits they need.

What are the signs of burnout?

We have discussed the risks of overexertion and burnout in the workplace in past blog posts. However, it is an important topic to address, especially in these uncertain times.

Many workers face a higher risk of stress and burnout nowadays, and this can significantly increase the chances of a workplace accident or injury.

Dog bites: A risk workers shouldn't overlook

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly 38.4% of American households have a dog. It is clear by this statistic that many people - including Marylanders - love having furry friends in their homes.

However, these same adorable pets could actually place many workers at a significant risk of a work injury.

Can grocery store workers collect compensation?

There are several jobs associated with a high risk of injuries. Construction work, factory work and emergency response work are often the jobs individuals think of as carrying the most risk for workers.

Not many would think that working in a grocery store is dangerous, but keeping those shelves stocked and providing necessities for the public - especially in the current situation - can be a strenuous job for any worker. Yet, many grocery store workers might wonder: are they covered under Maryland workers' compensation laws if they suffer an injury?

Why is PPE so important?

When one learns how to ride a bicycle as a child, the first thing they learn is the importance of wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet is an important safety measure, just in case of an accident, to prevent serious injuries.

Presently, in light of COVID-19, personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, has become a common term across the globe. However, PPE doesn't only apply to workers in healthcare, but can relate to workers in a variety of settings. It is essential to keep workers safe on the job and minimize the risks of a work injury. And yet, a majority of workers in a variety of fields do not wear the proper PPE at work.

What parents must know about car seats

A parent's number one priority is often their children's safety. This is especially true when they get behind the wheel, with their children in the back seat.

Car accidents are still one of the leading causes of serious injury and death for children under 12-years-old in the United States. However, when parents use car seats correctly, they can reduce their child's chance of injury by at least 71%.

Road construction workers must be prepared

Road construction is a reality year-round in Baltimore. However, as summer approaches, we will likely see an uptick in these projects.

Those who work in road construction know that these busy, unreliable and constantly changing workplaces, can be overwhelming and even hazardous. Workplace accidents are common in this field, and the risk only seems to be increasing.

Injured workers should take care of their mental health too

A person's physical health often directly impacts their mental health. For example, it is common for individuals to develop symptoms of depression if a severe bodily injury or disability keeps them from participating in activities they used to enjoy.

The American Journal of Industrial Medicine recently published the findings of a study about this correlation that began in the 1990s. And injured workers in Maryland and across the nation should know the grim results of this study, so they can take action to protect their health.

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