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Compensation is critical: How much could an accident cost you?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2019 | Car Accidents

The aftermath of an accident can leave individuals facing severe and even life-changing injuries. And recovering from those injuries can be painful and detrimental to one’s mental health as well.

However, the hope of recovery after the accident can suddenly feel sour after all of the bills start to arrive. The financial cost of an accident can hurt an individual and their family almost as much as their injuries do. If the individual was not at fault for an accident, they might have a right to recover compensation to cover these expenses.

1. Repairing damage to your vehicle

Purchasing a car is a significant investment. Repairing one after an accident is not inexpensive either. Common repair costs after an accident often include:

  • Dented bumpers, up to $450
  • Scratches, ranging from $300 to $3,500
  • Ruined car doors, up to $1,500

An accident could involve a variety of damages that need repair. And if the car is totaled in the accident, it might be necessary to replace the vehicle.

2. Receiving medical treatment

The financial cost also adds up for necessary medical treatment after an accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these costs can fall anywhere between $2,000 to more than $50,000 per accident. These costs could include:

  • An ambulance ride
  • Surgeries or medication
  • Physical therapy

Even if individuals have health insurance to cover medical costs, that does not mean that they should have to pay these significant expenses. Additionally, most private health insurance policy have a right of subrogation. This means that they have a right to be paid back for any medical treatment related to your accident.

3. Missing work and losing income

Recovering from an accident might force individuals to stay out of work. And even once they can return to work, their injuries might limit their hours or ability to work at all.

Missing work or reduced productivity could result in little or no income. Meanwhile, lost wages could make it extremely difficult for individuals to cover their vehicle repairs and medical costs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total cost of medical bills plus missed work across the country was more than $63 billion for one year. That is a significant amount of financial costs for families across the country, considering the fact that an average of three million individuals suffer serious injuries in car accidents every year.

This is why compensation is available-and important

A traumatic car accident can leave a family facing serious physical and emotional costs. But they should only have to worry about their recovery-not paying the financial costs on top of that.

That is why Maryland law protects an individual’s right to recover compensation that pays for these substantial costs.

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