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Returning to work after an accident comes with challenges

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Workplace Accidents

Recovering from a workplace injury can be frustrating and difficult. There can be medications to take, activities to avoid and countless doctor visits to schedule. Once you get through all this and are well enough to return to work, the hardest part could thankfully be behind you.

However, there could still be challenges you may need to overcome. Preparing for these can help you make this transition a little easier.

Financial challenges

Returning to work might be something you want to do, but often, it is something people need to do for financial reasons. In fact, according to one report, half of the people who return to work after a traumatic injury have medical debt.

If a worker’s compensation claim is considered compensable, an injured worker is entitled to two thirds their average weekly wage tax free and coverage of their causally related medical expenses.

Adjusting to disabilities, limitations

A severe accident can leave you with chronic pain, limited mobility and other conditions that require some adjustments in your workplace.

In some cases, your doctor may say that you can return to work with restrictions. For instance, you may only be able to perform light duty, or you may not be able to do things like lift, kneel or stand for extended periods. When you return to work, make sure you give a list of these restrictions to your employer.

If they do not follow the doctor’s orders or pressure you to do something you don’t feel comfortable doing, you can consult an attorney to understand what is and is not permitted. Additionally, a hearing may be required should a dispute arise regarding work restrictions.

Doubts and concerns

You may not feel ready to go back to work. You might be worried that you cannot perform the way you used to, and you may not even want to work. These feelings are normal, but they can cause tremendous stress.

To protect yourself, be sure you communicate with your doctor and your employer. Be clear with your restrictions and document any exchanges you have regarding your condition and work performance. You may also consult an attorney if you feel your return to work – and termination of workers’ compensation benefits – is premature.

Going back to work after a severe accident can be challenging. However, you can better position yourself by knowing what to expect and what resources can help you through this experience. That considered, retaining an attorney prior a dispute arising can help ease the transition back to work and ensure the injured worker is protected.

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