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How can patients avoid personal injury by medical malpractice?

Even if you seek medical care from a well-known, respected professional, it doesn't always mean you are in good hands. There are times when mistakes happen as the result of negligence.

Dealing with personal injury, such as spine damage

You can suffer many types of injuries in an accident, but not many are as serious as one to the spine. If a person suffers a spinal cord injury due to an act of negligence, such as a drunk driver, he or she may want to consider taking legal action at some point in the future. There are many causes of a spinal cord injury. Furthermore, there is more than one type of injury.

How is fault proved in a personal injury malpractice case?

When it comes to personal injury in a medical malpractice case, there are many things the victim must take into consideration. Above all else, the person must do whatever possible to reclaim one's former level of health. This can include visiting another medical professional, and in some cases undergoing a procedure or additional testing.

Proving fault: Your medical malpractice case in Maryland

Did you know that if you file a medical malpractice case in Maryland, you'll be responsible for proving that your medical provider was negligent or at fault for your injuries? There are several ways to prove that a doctor was negligent, but you may need legal help to do so.

Medical malpractice suit could set example for Maryland

Seven women started a medical negligence lawsuit that they aimed at Freeport Health Network and a doctor who worked at the facility. In the lawsuit, they claimed that they were misdiagnosed, being told that they had multiple sclerosis when they actually did not have the disease. Now five other women are trying to join in on the suit. They say that the same thing happened to them.

Personal injury case nets $1.8 million for man who lost foot

A jury in Maryland's neighboring state of Virginia has awarded a medical malpractice victim a total of $5.6 million. The total judgment was reduced by a judge to just $1.8 million, however, to conform with rules relating to medical malpractice claims. The victim had claimed that the family physician caused him personal injury when he violated standards of care. The victim reportedly lost a portion of his right foot and suffered permanent damage to his lower leg after a 2007 incident.

Maryland car theft suspect claims police caused fatal wreck

A man accused of stealing a car in Montgomery County, Maryland, is suing the police department that arrested him. The 18-year-old man says the fiery wreck that claimed the lives of three other people in the car was caused when a police cruiser rammed into the stolen vehicle, setting it ablaze. Although he may not evoke much sympathy as a crime suspect, his role in that case shouldn't come into play if in fact the police caused a fatal car accident.

Man killed by train sued after his flying body parts injured woman

You might assume that if you're killed in an accident, no one will hold you liable for any damage you or your vehicle might have caused. But a recent court case is blowing that assumption out of the water.

Maryland woman dies in broadside accident

When a motorist negligently causes an accident that leads to the death or injury of another person, that motorist can be held legally responsible for the accident. The most common way of holding a motorist legally responsible for causing an accident is to bring a civil lawsuit. If the car accident only resulted in injuries to a person, the lawsuit would be referred to as a personal injury lawsuit. If the car accident caused a person's death, the lawsuit would be referred to as a wrongful death lawsuit.

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