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Does Workers’ Comp Cover PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often connected to injuries suffered during military service. It can also affect anyone traumatized at work. Maryland’s Workers’ Compensation Law recognizes it as a work-related injury and you might be able to receive workers’ comp for PTSD.

If your injury took place while you were working, and you have a stress disorder, you might be able to get workers’ comp for PTSD. Benefits could cover medical treatment for your symptoms and part of your wages could be replaced if you are unable to work.

If Your PTSD Occurred As A Result Of A Specific Injury Event At Work

We will work with you to prove your workplace injury led to your PTSD. This diagnosis is not as clear-cut as other diagnoses, such as broken bones, an amputation or a back injury. You and your doctors may be able to pinpoint a specific event on the job that left you with PTSD.

If Your PTSD Was A Result Of A Disaster On The Job

Post-traumatic stress disorder may, in fact, be the only injury you suffered after a traumatic event on the job. You may need therapy and time off work after:

  • You were a first responder (a firefighter, police officer or an emergency medical technician) after a catastrophe such as an explosion, fire, or a call to a severely injured person.
  • You witnessed a violent attack or its aftermath during your work as a teacher, guard or emergency room (ER) medical care provider.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you pursue the benefits you are eligible to receive.

PTSD Workers’ Comp Claims Are Best Handled By Knowledgeable Attorneys

The examples described on this page are not all-inclusive. Your case may involve special factors such as the question of preexisting PTSD that was triggered by a stressful event at work. Whatever the unique facts related to your potential PTSD workers’ compensation claim, Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., has the experience necessary to help you pursue the most favorable workers’ comp PTSD benefits attainable in your case.

Turn To An Established Workers’ Compensation Law Firm

You may have encountered challenges to your PTSD-related workers’ compensation benefits. Cohen, Snyder, Eisenberg & Katzenberg, P.A., with offices in Baltimore and elsewhere in Maryland, offers free initial consultations in this area of workers’ compensation law.

We will give you an honest evaluation and help you determine your next step. Call 443-529-0795 (410-332-0045 on nights or weekends) or complete and send the intake form on our “Contact” page to request a free consultation.

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